Join me on my journey, as I write my way through life.

My story

Why do I love to tell stories? Perhaps because through the exploration of other lives, other histories, I am better able to make sense of my own path.

My love affair with the written word started way back, when as a little kid I would spend hours gazing at words and sentences in books, re-reading my favorite ones countless times. Admittedly, I wanted to be a movie star first, but the idea of writing was never far away. Later, at school, I discovered that writing was something I was actually good at, that I could paint vivid portraits with words, and that I loved doing it. It was a form of escape, but also a way to communicate at least some of what was going on inside me. I started writing my first book when I was eight, although it remains, as of today, uncompleted. Today, I write with much the same spirit – I want to learn more about the world and the people around me by writing about them.

My Books

Jessica Lange:

Publication date: May 2023

Ava the book is compulsively readable, well-researched, and full of behind-the-scenes details that instill an urge to watch or re-watch all of her films’

Turner Classic Movies
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